Delaware Alcoholic Beverage
Control Commissioner

Jacqueline Paradee Mette

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Supporting small businesses, the alcoholic beverage industry, and consumers

The Delaware Office of the Alcoholic Beverage Commissioner considers applications for liquor licenses, requests for modifications to licensed establishments, performs inspections, and grants renewals of liquor licenses. The Commissioner conducts hearings on applications for liquor licenses when there is sufficient public interest, or if the Commissioner believes a public hearing is warranted, and adjudicates alleged violations of state law and regulations.

News and Updates

Brewers: Limited Self-Delivery of Beer

Licensed Delaware brewers are now permitted to apply for a limited self-delivery privilege. Commissioner’s Rule 911, effective June 11, 2024, permits a Delaware licensed microbrewery or brewery-pub producing no more than 5,000 barrels of beer a year to apply for permission to self-deliver its own beer produced at the licensee’s approved premises to licensed retailers. No more than 1,500 barrels of beer, or its equivalent, may be self-delivered annually. Section 721 of Title 4 of the Delaware Code permits the Commissioner to authorize “any brewery to sell and to deliver beer to any person in this State who holds a license to receive and resell beer” provided certain requirements are met. Licensees must submit a completed request form to for review.

Headshot of OABC Commissioner