License & Fee Schedule

Fees for liquor licenses, applications and other OABCC administrative requests are set in the Delaware Liquor Control Act. The most common types of licenses and fees are listed below, for questions about other less-common licenses and fees, contact the OABACC.

In most cases, the fees below are for a biennial license, renewable every two years.

$1000 (non-refundable)

With some exceptions, any liquor license application that requires OABCC vetting or is subject to a public hearing must be accompanied by a non-refundable application processing fee.

Beer and wine only (Tavern)$500
Brew Pub$2000
Beer Garden$2000
Private ClubFewer than 400 members$300
More than 400 members$600
Beer only (Tavern)$500
Off-Premises Catering fee$500
Bottle Club (BYO restaurant or event venue)$300
Bowling Alley$1000
Concert Hall$1500
Movie Theater$1500
Multiple Activity Club (applicable to golf courses)$1500
Temporary Large Event (promoter)$500 per event
In-store tasting$150
Growler filling$150
Wine Auction$1500
Restaurant, Hotel or Taproom (must be accompanied by on-premises license)$1000
Sprits Wholesaler$7500
Beer Wholesaler$3000
Wine Wholesaler$3000
Import fewer than 1000 cases per year$200
Direct Shipper$100
Out of State SupplierUnlimited $1000
Fewer than 200 cases per year$100
Brewery: Beer, Cider and Mead (Annual Production)Fewer than 25000 barrels$1500
25000-50000 barrels$3000
50000-100000 barrels$6000
More than 100000 barrles$9000
Beer BottlingUp to 500 barrels$100
Each additional 500 barrels (or fraction)$100
Craft Distillery$1500
Distilled Spirits (Annual Production)First 500 gallons$100
Next 5000 gallons$0.06 per gallon
Next 10000 gallons$0.045 per gallon
Next 50000 gallons$0.03 per gallon
Each gallon over 165,500$0.75 per gallon
Farm Winery: Wine, Cider and Mead$1500
Daily Nonprofit GatheringUp to two days$5
Each additional day$2
Sundays and holidays* (additional)$5
Biennial Nonprofit GatheringFewer than 25 events$200 plus $200 for Sundays and holidays*
25-75 events$400 plus $300 for Sundays and holidays*
More than 75 events$1000 plus $400 for Sundays and holidays*
Nonprofit Wine Auction$50

* Designated holidays include Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Sunday Sales (Biennial)$500
Patio Permit (Biennial)$1000
Additional patio variances, subject to application and approval:
– External Speakers
– Live Entertainment
– Wet Bar
$100 each
Master Licensee List$25
Under-21 and Pregnancy Decals$6 each
Over-Service Fee (Retailers Only, Biennial)$200
License Alteration $25
Alteration Inspection$100
Expansion of Outdoor Dining$25
Outdoor Dining Inspection$25